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JANE CLARK - Writer, Director, Producer

Jane Clark is a writer/director/producer based in Los Angeles. She recently released CRAZY BITCHES DIGITAL (a short form content tv series) SEASONS ONE and TWO. CBD is based on her second feature CRAZY BITCHES, a horror-comedy feature, that had its Los Angeles debut through Outfest at the historic Ford Amphitheater...READ MORE



Recently Released

Crazy Bitches Seasons 1 & 2

Streaming now on TUBI and OML ON REVRY.

See why it is the second most watched content on OML ON REVRY


Can also be found on Vimeo ( S1 Link & S2 Link)

Tello, Amazon, & Revry.

Coming to Hoopla, Vyre, Nuella TV, Fearless, Filmocracy, Alice Movies on Xumo

WEBSITE: CrazyBitchesDigital.tv

10th Anniversary

Elena Undone

Streaming now on HULU. See why it has become one of the top performing LGBT films on the platform 10 years after its release.


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