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Projects in Development

Shooting Location:

Outside of New Orleans


Tax Credits:

25% of spend

Add'l 10% for payroll


Angel's Tread

Writer/Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, TBD

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen, TBD

Genre:   Supernatural Romantic Thriller


JESSY NOLAN is a fast rising star in the fashion design world, but an abject failure at love. Faced with yet another disastrous affair she runs back to her ancestral home in Louisiana. Her sister, VICKY, is already living there - separated from her husband, and caring for their spinster GREAT AUNT HELEN.


The only unused bedroom in the house has been locked for 70 years. It was locked when Great Aunt Helen's sister, JULIE, died at the age of 18 - rumor has it, from a broken heart. Helen's father forbade anyone enter, leaving it as a shrine to his daughter, and Helen has obeyed all these years. She warns the girls against opening the door, but needing a place for Jessy to sleep, and thinking their Auntie is bordering on nutty anyway, the girls ignore her.


The room is exactly how it was left at Julie's death. The girls clear out a space and Jessy moves in. Soon though, she begins having dreams of a handsome Latin man, GABRIEL. When she touches certain things in the room, images of him flash before her, including a frightening scene of a gunshot and blood splattering. Eventually, he starts appearing to her while she is awake and Vicky is frightened Jessy is losing her mind. But Jessy comes to know better. She comes to realize she is the reincarnation of Julie and this man of her dreams, is, actually, the man of her dreams.


The girls discover that Gabriel was murdered in the house and the killer was never found.  Jessy sets out to uncover the murderer and find justice for her lover's death. How far will she go for true love?

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