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Projects in Development - Ms. Capitol Page

Ms. Capitol Page

Director:  Jane Clark

Writer:  Bob Tourtellotte, Jane Clark

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen Productions, TBD

Genre:   Coming of Age (Politics, #metoo)


Winter 1977. In a year of disco dancing and Stayin Alive, Bobby Trudeau, Bobby idolizes her mother, who works for powerful Senator Holbrook and she thinks of Senators like rock stars. So when the offer comes to escape her small town life in Oklahoma and attend the prestigious Senate Page School in Washington, DC, Bobby jumps at the chance. Now a small fish in a big pond, she will be confronted with challenges to her narrow view of the world, her idealistic understanding of equality in the US and the betrayal of her trust when she catches her mother in bed with her boss. When it's all over, when she's back in Oklahoma and living an ordinary life again, what will all have been for? Who is the woman she will become?


Shooting Location:



Budget: $7M US 

Tax Incentive: 20% of qualifying spend

Additional 10% for Virginia resident payroll 


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