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Projects in Development

Shooting Location:

Kalimnos, Greece

Tax Credit/Incentives

Greek Tax Incentive 40%

Greek Tax Credit - 30%

Total benefit not to exceed that 60%

If you are interested in learning more about the investment opportunity, please contact Jane at


Book By: Linda Gillard

Screenplay By: Jane Clark

Director:  Jane Clark

Producer:  Suzanne Reid

Production Companies:  Capricorn Film Productions Ltd, FilmMcQueen

Greek Production Company:  Argonauts

Genre:   Love Story with mental health element


Haunted by her past, and battling bi-polor disorder, Rose Leonard, a textile artist, takes refuge on Kalimnos, in a remote island community off the coast of Greece. She cocoons herself in a house by the sea, with memories of Gavin, her lover who betrayed her and the pain of her daughter, Megan's, estrangement eroding the paper-thin walls she has constructed to keep herself sane. 

Her curiosity overcomes her isolation when she finds her neighbor is a poet who's dark and intense work she greatly admires. Calum is a rugged Scottish man running from his own demons back home. A budding friendship brings on an artistic collaboration, which leads to a sexual attraction.  A tenuous and rocky sexual affair struggles up through the cracks of Rose's better judgment. When Megan comes for an unexpected visit, bearing a secret she can no longer keep, Rose's grip on sanity begins to slip away along with her happiness. She must decide between risking her heart and fragile stability for a chance at love and a fresh start with her daughter, or turning her back on both to live a safe, but closed-off life alone.

Author Linda Gillard

“The emotional power in these novels makes this reviewer reflect on how Charlotte and Emily Bronte might have written if they were living and writing now.” NORTHWORDS NOW

Linda Gillard graduated form the Bristol University and trained as an actress at the Bristol Old Vic Theater School. For eight years she pursued an acting career, the highlight of which was sharing a table in The National Theatre canteen with Sir Michael Gambon (The lowlight was playing a fairy for four rainy months in an open-air production of A Midsummer's Night's Dream in London's Regent's Park.)

Whilst under employed at the National Theatere, LInda accidentally became a successful freelance journalist, and for twelve years had a humorous column in Ideal Home. Twelve years later she retrained as a primary teacher and taught in Norfolk, specializing in English and Art.

A further rethink entailed giving up teaching nad downshifting to the Isle of Skye, realizing a long held dream to move to a Scottish Island and write full-time.

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