Films in Development

Shooting Location:



Budget: 3M €

Film Incentives: approx. 30%



Writer/Director:  Mike Matzdorf

Producers:  Jane Clark, Liam O'Neal

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen, Paradox Pictures

Genre:   Dark Comedy Thriller


A single gunshot shatters an otherwise balmy day in Dublin.  Screams of terror mixed with irreverent laughter pass through the chained doors of a local bank. Inside, customers sprawl on the cold marble floor as Ireland’s most notorious criminal collects his loot and saunters away, confident he’s untouchable. When the smoke clears a seventeen year old girl cowers in a corner, her face freckled with blood.


Eight months later, BENJAMIN BIRCH grips the armrest of his first-class seat as his flight lands in Dublin. A city where, thirty-three years ago, a defining moment occurred in Ben’s life, and he hasn’t been back since. Ben was twenty-two years old when he met MARY SWEENEY, a dazzling and vivacious redhead, and a whirlwind romance lead to an unexpected pregnancy. They agreed adoption was the best choice and Ben walked away. The first step into his stratospheric rise as the biggest name in self-help.


Now, as the plane taxis in, Ben prepares for his past to rise up and meet him. With a little luck and a dose of his own self-help medicine, Ben plans to right old wrongs. This time, love trumps career.


“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Oft go awry.” - Robert Burns


Not only is he unable to locate Mary, but the adoption of his child to another family? Never happened. Soon after stepping off the plane, Ben is arrested for being a deadbeat dad by DETECTIVE JOHN DOWNING. Worse, Ben discovers his child is none other than NOLAN SWEENEY, the most wanted man in Ireland. 


The court levies a hefty fine and orders Ben out of the country. Devastated to think that his own son turned out so cruel and callous, he is determined that this wrong, shall also be righted. If the most influential self-help guru in the world can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed. He must find Mary and somehow reach his son. After being unceremoniously dumped on a plane back to New York, Ben sneaks off moments before departure, ducks his police escorts, and catches a ride in a gypsy cab, driven by 17 year old JERI -- how lucky.


Luck had nothing to do with it. Jeri has been following Ben’s story with keen attention in the hopes that he, or the police will lead her to the person who changed her life forever.