Projects in Development - Salt Box House

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Written By: Jane Clark and Jan Corran

Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jan Corran

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen Productions, Three Women in a Box

Genre:   Supernatural Murder Mystery

Script out to: 

David Fumero, Melissa Fumero


After the stalker who terrified Maddie Ratner has been killed, she and her husband, Josh, purchase a Salt Box house “as is” and move away from the city. Inspired to start painting again, Maddie feels like she can finally reclaim her life. Josh and Maddie soon learn the former owners abandoned the house in 1983 after the disappearance of their teenage daughter, Margaret. When strange things start happening to Maddie, Josh attributes them to PTSD from her stalking drama, but when Maddie’s painting starts painting itself, revealing hints to the location of Margaret’s body and her killer, Maddie becomes convinced she is being led to uncover the truth of Margaret's disappearance. Her pursuit of the truth will either kill her or make her stronger.

Shooting Location:



Budget: $825,000

Tax Credit: 35%