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Finished Short Films

Dinner Poster cropped copy_edited.png
Dinner for 4 

An awkward dinner party conversation takes an unexpected turn, revealing hidden secrets and surprising desires.

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The Touch

Renee Vivien was a well-known lesbian poet who lived in Paris, France from late 1800's to 1909 when she died of pleurosy complicated by alcholism and anorexia. 


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Beyond Words

Christina Price, a successful ballerina, gave it all up to have a baby with the man she loved. Seven years later her identity is lost to her children and husband. 

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This film was made in two days during the '08 Cannes Film Festival as part of a flip camera competition. 



An actress is stalked on the way back from the premiere of her starring role as an action hero in a thriller screening  at the Cannes Film Festival.


Carrie's Choice

When Carrie becomes pregnant at 18 she must consider all her options before making the biggest decision of her young life...


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A Host of Daffodils

Told from the Point of View of a man felled by a stroke and unable to communicate, A Host of Daffodils tells the story of a divided family brought together by tragedy...


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Dog Gone

When their dog is stolen out of their yard, a couple go to great lengths to get him back...


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