Projects in Development

Shooting Location:

Paris, France


TRIP Tax Credit: 30%


Created By:

John W. McLaughlin

Cathy DeBuono


Story By: Jane Clark,

John W. McLaughlin

Cathy DeBuono




Writer/Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, John W. McLaughlin, Gautier Cazenave

Associate Producer: Cathy DeBuono

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen Productions, Marteau Film Production

Genre:   Comedy/Thriller

US Supporting Leads: Candis Cayne, Buck Angel

French Cast:  Thierry L'Hermitte, Said Taghmaoui, Aissa Maiga, Ludovic Berthillot, Karl E. Lander, David Fremont, Laura Weissbecker, Nicolas Robin


Synopsis: Slate and Kelly are amateur and misfit detectives that fate throws together to solve a string of murders in a drag club.


When drag queens start showing up dead and the police are unable to infiltrate the community to find the killer, Slate is on the case, sure that this is a crime she has a chance of solving and maybe in the process, solving her girlfriend's murder the previous year.


Kelly has been asked to act as a beard to help a not so feminine Paris detective go undercover and gain acceptance at the drag club. When Kelly is unceremoniously dumped once his usefulness has passed, he decides to do a little investigating on his own.


Both on the same track, Slate and Kelly are literally thrown together and against Slate's better judgment, she agrees to team up with him and together they go undercover to drag out a killer in the midst.