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Shooting Location:

Los Angeles, CA

If you are interested in learning more about this project please contact Jane at


A Docu-series about the reality behind the illusion of sex on screen

Written By: Jane Clark and Guinevere Turner

Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, Guinevere Turner

Production Company:  FilmMcQueen Productions

Genre:   Docu-series

Cast so far: 

Guinevere Turner


A dynamic series, BARING IT ALL will be at times odd and humorous, at times poignant, and even disturbing, yet always entertaining. We will examine the artifice behind making scenes “real” and “sexy” and explore what that takes and what the experience is like for everyone involved in making them. In the process the series will provide a truthful and at times enlightening window into the relationship we all have with our bodies, our partners and our self-perception.

Season One Overview: There are a myriad of elements that go into the creation of a sex scene. In BARING IT ALL, each episode will revolve around one of those elements, with the information and education of each episode building on the previous one.

Each episode will be structured around a core story told by an actor or actress, and then supported both by the perspectives of other people who were present, and similar stories from other performers.

Ep 1:   Auditions

  Ep 2:   Nudity Riders

  Ep 3:   Setting the Scene

  Ep 4:   Rehearsals

  Ep 5:   Shooting Part I

  Ep 6:   Shooting Part II

  Ep 7:   Aftermath

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