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Crazy Bitches Series:
Seasons 3, 4 and 5

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Jane Clark


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Synopsis - Season 3

The Claws are Out

Venerable soap opera, AS THE NIGHT FALLS, teeters on extinction. Izzy Thomas is charged with saving the show. Inspiration comes after Izzy’s wife, soap star Rhea Alcott Thomas, lives through a spate of murders at Ranch Wellness. Izzy concocts a publicity stunt involving a murderous storyline and disappearing cast members. As insecurities bubble up and bad behavior sets in, characters on the show are killed off in more ways than one.

Synopsis - Season 4

Mommies Behaving Badly


In the aftermath of the slaughter at Hallowed Spirits Ranch, Alice has divorced Eddie and is trying to get on with life. She distracts herself by organizing the committee for the Holiday Pageant at her son's Pre-school – Mrs. Kincaid’s Kreative Kids. The committee becomes a hotbed of conspiracies and terrible parenting. Alice drags Minnie, the school art teacher, into the mix, but Minnie’s having her own issues. She's absolutely sure someone is following her and to make matters worse she's been having dreams about friends dying. Pretty soon her nightmares cross into reality as bad mommies start turning up dead.

Synopsis - Season 5

Minnie’s sanity is shattered by events at Mrs. Kincaid’s Kreative Kids. After she’s let out of the loony bin, Alice talks their remaining friends into joining them for a week away at the Soul Farm - a program designed to help trauma victims to process horror and the loss through animal therapy and a communion with mother earth. During intensive confessional sessions with the group, secrets will be revealed, things will get bloody and the truth will out.

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Ben Truman returns to his family summer cabin to spread the ashes of his recently deceased and long estranged father on the lake nearby - the same lake where as a 13 year old boy he stood helplessly by as his twin brother drown.

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Suffering from paranoid personality disorder, romance novelist June Jasmine Johns  is sure that her girlfriend, Amy is cheating on her with Chloe, the assistant to her agent, Tom. When a fight over Chloe turns physical June accidentally kills Amy and buries her in the backyard...


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Arizona, 1877. A beautiful young wife and mother watches her world go up in flames and her young son felled by an errant bullet. Desperate for money for a life-saving operation, Mae throws herself into the dangerous, male-dominated world of Bounty Hunting...


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Haunted by her past, Rose Leonard, a textile artist, takes refuge in a remote island community. She cocoons herself in a house by the sea, with memories and desires she hopes will fade away and leave her in peace. But her fragile sanity is threatened when...


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Slate and Kelly are amateur and misfit detectives that fate throws together to solve a string of murders in a drag club...


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Jessy Nolan is at the height of her career and bottom of her love life. Escaping to join her sister in the ancestral home on the outskirts of New Orleans, Jessy is confronted by old demons and finds herself in a gothic supernatural romance that ... 


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