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From the writer of AMERICAN PSYCHO and CHARLIE SAYS and the writer/director of CRAZY BITCHES

Written By: Jane Clark and Guinevere Turner

Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, Guinevere Turner

Production Company:  FilmMcQueen Productions

Genre:   Psychological Horror Thriller


Guinevere Turner


Suffering from paranoid disorder, romance novelist June Jasmine Johns kills her girlfriend in a  jealous rage. She buries Amy in the backyard, but guilt festers and she sees Amy everywhere, dogging her, haunting her. All she wants is to be left alone and suicide is a very real option. After a particularly concerning call, her publisher and friend, Tom is worried. He sends his assistant, Chloe, over to check on June and keep her company until he can get there from a business dinner. Unbeknownst to Tom, Chloe is the person over whom Amy and June had fought.


Faced with the person she blames for Amy’s death, June’s mind breaks. Reality and fantasy mix with deadly results, not just for Chloe, but for everyone else who comes over.

VR Component:

There is a VR short film that has been shot and is in post-production that will be completed with funds from the feature budget and used to market the film. VR SHORT LINK

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