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Projects in Development - Glossy

Shooting Location:

Munich, Germany


Budget: $5M US 


Created by:

Bob Tourtellotte

Justin Klentner



Director:  Jane Clark

Writers:  Jane Clark, Bob Tourtellotte, Justin Klentner

Producers:  Jane Clark, Bob Tourtellotte

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen Productions, TBD

Genre:   Thriller


Techno music pounds as models glide down a runway. Across town a girl is handcuffed and dragged up the gangplank of a yacht. Desperately, she pulls back from the thugs pulling her onto the boat, but she flips over the rail and crashes to the rocks below. She dies, while across town the beat of music rocks on. 


BMX extreme biking star, CHRISTIAN MOORE is fresh off the boat and here at the request of FACE AGENCY head JOSIE LONDON. Christian can't believe his luck. 


On Christian's first day, he's photographed by the best -- BEN GARRISON, ex-photojournalist -- and hes posing with SKYE, the original black super model. The three become fast friends, and Skye takes Christian into her bed and her confidence. Days become weeks, drinks turn to drugs and before Christian can stop the party, he wakes to find Skye bloodied, beaten, and dead.


Evidence links Christian to both murders and he'd like to turn to Ben for help, but has reason to question Ben's trust-worthiness. Something has been going on between Skye and her agency head, SPENCE CALDER, and Ben is somehow involved, but no one is talking.


As the stakes raise and loyalties are questioned, Christian must go on the run to clear his name and save his new friend MAREN and her roommate TAMARA from the same deadly fate.

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