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Finished Shorts

Writer/Director/Producer:  Jane Clark

Cinematographer: Adam Tash

Cast:  Necar Zadegan, Traci Dinwiddie


Renee Vivien was a well-known lesbian poet who lived in Paris, France from late 1800's to 1909 when she died of pleurosy complicated by alcholism and anorexia. She wrote beautiful, intimate poems about the women she loved and the heartache and heartbreak she endured.

In 1904 she received a letter from an admirer, Kerime, a Muslim and wife of a Turkish diplomat. They carried on a torrid letter-writing affair over a 4 year period, only meeting in person on a few occasions. In 1908, Kerime finally moved with her husband to St Petersburg and ended the affair. "The Touch" is a short film, imagining their last moments together and complemented by Renee's poem, "The Touch" (see below) which acts as an almost musical embellishment.

Available now on OMLtv on the Revry platform.

The Touch (2007)

The Trailer



The trees have kept some lingering

sun in their branches,

Veiled like a woman, evoking another time,

The twilight passes, weeping.My fingers climb,

Trembling,provocative, the line of your haunches.

My ingenious fingers wait when they have found

The petal flesh beneath the robe they part.

How curious, complex, the touch, this subtle art-- 

As the dream of fragrance, the miracle of sound.

I follow slowly the graceful contours of your hips,

The curves of your shoulders, your neck, your

upappeased breasts.

In your white voluptuousness my desire rests,

Swooning, refusing itself the kisses of your lips.




Chicago Reeling

Perlen Film Fest (Germany)

Milan Gay and Lesbian

Long Island Gay and Lesbian

Michygn Women's Film Fest

Ljubjana Gay and Lesbian

Reel Affirmations

Spokane Gay and Lesbian

Slovenia Gay and Lesbian

Barcelona Gay and Lesbian

Woods Hole Film Festival

GAZE (Dublin Gay and Lesbian

Tampa Int'l Gay and Lesbian

Fresno Gay and Lesbian

Paris Lesbian and Feminist Film Fest

No. Carolina Gay and Lesbian

Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian

Provincetown Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival

Connecticut Gay and Lesbian


Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival

London Lesbian

Ft Worth Gay and Lesbian

  ** WINNER Best Dramatic Short **

Cannes Short Corner

Northampton Independent Film Festival

DC Independent Film Festival

Boston Gay and Lesbian

Belgian Gay and Lesbian

FilmOut San Diego

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