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Projects in Development

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Shooting Location:

Laurel Canyon, CA

If you are interested in learning more about this project  please contact Jane at


Written By: Bob Tourtellotte, Marc Price

Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, Bob Tourtellotte, Marc Price

Production Company:  FilmMcQueen Productions

Genre:   1/2 hour comedy

Cast so far: 

Marc Price


A.P. Peterson, 20, a rising lifestyle, fashion and fitness influencer from Akron, OH, signs the contract of his young life and moves to L.A. to boost his brand with red-hot PR agency, 10X Impact. He rents the Hollywood Hills dream home of slightly chaotic, currently underpaid stand-up comic, and former teen star Marc “Skippy” Price  (TV’s “Family Ties”), who faces the imminent foreclosure on his home - the last vestige of his early fame.

Down, but never out, Marc, 50, moves into his rusty camper in the cul-de-sac below, tweaked with envy for the upstart digital star but aware of the mercurial nature of celebrity. In Marc, A.P. finds a mentor-in-the-making, even if he is messy at the moment. As the odd pair manage careers, cash and women in their worlds of influence -- A.P. chillin’ in Marc’s trophy house and Marc trying hard to climb back up -- they form a bond that crosses generations and weathers the highs-and-lows of everyday life.


Fresh transplants from Akron and flush with a cash advance from PR and branding agency 10X IMPACT, AP and Enrique rent a Laurel Canyon treehouse from Marc “Skippy” Price, a former TV star. (They’ll have to take his word, since they never heard of “FAMILY TIES.”) Still, he must have made big money back in the day ‘cause the house is dope and get this, it has a “Hill-a-Vator”, nicknamed “Hilly,” a tram that takes people up and down. AP and Enrique text their homies back in Akron. “

But Marc is living po’. With his girlfriend Honey, he takes Hilly to the cul-de-sac below his trophy home and moves into his beat-up camper. Hilly squeaks on the way down. Honey isn’t happy. He pleads with her, “Cheer up! You love those Tiny Home shows. Now we have one!” But she won’t move in until he promises to fix a the shower, which he can’t afford.

Inspired by AP and wanting to make Honey happy before she dumps his ass, Marc considers launching his own YouTube page and calling it “The Has-Beenfluencer.” It’s bound to be a runaway success. There’s no one his age doing it! He’ll be in the money in no time. AP cautions Marc – “there might be a reason why” – and anyway it took years to get where he is. He’s been at it since he was 14 after all. Wanting to help the old guy out, AP digs up a solar shower from his box of discarded sponsorship requests. After some struggle Marc manages to rig it up and it works! Honey is happy! For now.


Meanwhile, AP and Enrique start working with their new manager, Samy, at 10X. He’s got fresh ideas but some of them rub Enrique the wrong way. So while the new clothing sponsor and the dope digs are great, that won’t be enough help them avoid the trouble that’s around the corner.

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