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Shooting Location:

New Mexico

Tax Incentive: 30%

If you are interested in learning more about the investment opportunity, please contact Jane at


Director:  Jane Clark

Writers:   Jean-Marie Micciche, Gary Charlick, Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, Jean-Marie Micciche, Richard Arriaga

Production Companies:  FilmMcQueen Productions, 27 Bones Productions

Genre:   Western Thriller

Attached in supporting roles:  David Fumero, Blake Berris, James Synder


Arizona, 1877. A beautiful young wife and mother watches her world go up in flames and her young son felled by an errant bullet. Desperate for money for a life-saving operation, Mae falls back on skills learned as the daughter of a rancher, raised to fight cattle rustlers. She throws herself into the dangerous, male-dominated world of Bounty Hunting, risking her life to raise the cash she needs.


When a gang of Outlaws rob the bank of Grace, taking a fortune in gold coins belonging to the US Government, Mae finds herself teamed up against her better judgment, with Cavalry Captain  Fortune Ardana.


Mae's dark past will unravel as the two battle an unforgiving landscape, cocky gunslingers, the ever-present Apache threat, and each other in their pursuit of the gang and the gold. But there are secrets everywhere, and the two will soon discover that the enemy they know might not be as dangerous as the allies they trust. All roads lead to Burnside - a hell-hole smuggler's town with a lawless reputation - as the parties converge for a monumental showdown.


Patrick Shanley, THR, Feb 28 2017


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