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Projects in Development

TQ poster.jpg

Shooting Location:

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

If you are interested in learning more about this project  please contact Jane at


Writer: Bob Tourtellotte

Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, Bob Tourtellotte,

Production Company:  FilmMcQueen Productions

Genre:   1 hour supernatural family dramedy

Synopsis: A supernatural TV drama about a mixed-race family and their Sun-n-Ski Resort & Casino where innocent murder victims return to life seeking justice for their death. Wayward son Kendall Pierce, 28, returns home  and unknowingly reopens a portal between the spirit world of his Native American mother, Catherine, and the lakeside RV Park owned and operated by his father Ken, the town's mayor, and his near-perfect kid sister, Kendra. 
By ancient tribal decree, Catherine runs a way station between death and an afterlife where tragic souls known as Travelers heal their wounds before returning to Earth at the Sun-n-Ski. With the portal reopened, Catherine recruits Kendall to be her real world assistant and battles Ken over the true cause of her death and his controversial plans for a major, new casino on tribal land. As their family squabbles play out, the Travelers and their killer play a cat-and-mouse game of crime and punishment. 

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