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Shooting Location:

Topanga Canyon, CA

Shooting August 2022

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Writer/Director:  Jane Clark

Producers:  Jane Clark, Marem Hassler, Ainsara Landons

Production Company:  FilmMcQueen Productions,  Prickly Pear Productions

Genre:   A Witchy Romance

Cast:  Alexis Knapp, Marem Hassler, Candis Cayne

Supporting: Marc Price, Ford Austin, Guinevere Turner


Tucked in a remote rural hillside sits a house that Evie’s mother believes is magical. She spent her happiest times there as a child and has wanted to take Evie there for a long time, but Evie’s job always gets in the way.  As a brand marketer, Evie builds the careers of others, having long ago moved away from dreams of being an art photographer.  Her talent at the job, has made it difficult for her boss to do without her. So she makes excuses why she can’t go, until finally Mary is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. She rents the house and persuades Evie to finally take the time off., then Mary dies of pneumonia, leaving Evie to discover the magic on her own. 

The secluded cabin is owned by Danny, a textile artist, who lives in the guest house on the edge of the forest, a fact that Evie dislikes – Danny sees through Evie’s reserve, making her uncomfortable. But a series of mishaps - faulty electricity, dripping faucets, unregulated hot water heater - require Danny's attention and the women end up getting to know each other, discovering in the process that their mother’s were best friends growing up. An attraction blooms into a relationship, that each woman believes could be love. Danny finally confesses a secret - she is a witch - a fact Evie finds unbelievable but charmingly eccentric. But that isn't the only secret Danny holds close.


The secrets, as they always do, eventually find their way into the open. The past, filled with a lost friendship, tragic death, a spell gone wrong, and an injured girl tumble into the present. An angry ghost and omissions of fact threaten to derail Danny and Evie’s love, and a vengeful brother is hell bent on destroying all that Danny holds dear.


Only total honesty and complete trust can help them through the dark powers working against them. But each has lived their lives guarding their heart. Will their love be enough to overcome their doubt?